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PedsMrkt: Pioneering Pediatric Healthcare Innovation


New Pediatric Marketplace and Community Launched to Accelerate Pediatric Innovation

PedsMrkt, a subsidiary of Children’s Mercy Kansas City, announces the national launch of its online B2B marketplace and community.  PedsMrkt accelerates pediatric healthcare innovation by connecting the pediatric ecosystem on one platform.

“Children’s Mercy is proud to launch PedsMrkt as part of our commitment to pediatric innovation.  With pediatrics lagging adult innovation, we saw a need across the industry to collaborate at each phase of development to bring the best solutions to market.  We can advance our shared mission to create a world of wellbeing for all children through this incredible platform that enables access and collaboration.” Rob Steele, MD, Executive Vice President, Strategy and Innovation.   

Children represent 23% of the national population, but only an average of 10% of the total NIH (National Institutes of Health) funding.1  With limited resources for pediatrics, collaboration is essential to multiply our collective impact to get better health outcomes for kids. The platform was created to redefine how the industry collaborates and leverages the broader pediatric community to better understand and meet pediatric needs. PedsMrkt invites buyers, sellers, and partners to join the PedsMrkt Community.

PedsMrkt empowers the pediatric ecosystem by enabling its members to:

  • Showcase and sell pediatric solutions: Gain visibility and connect with a broad audience to expand awareness of pediatric innovations.
  • Promote intellectual property (IP) licensing opportunities: Extend the reach of innovations by providing curated, pediatric-specific licensing options to interested parties.
  • Highlight pediatric events and funding opportunities: Post and find pediatric in-person and virtual events, grants, and calls for proposals.
  • Discover and purchase innovative products online: Explore a marketplace filled with cutting-edge products and solutions, all aimed at enhancing pediatric healthcare.
  • Engage with the pediatric ecosystem: Collaborate, connect, and learn from other professionals that are also dedicated to improving children's health and wellbeing through a new online community.

One example of PedsMrkt impact is MyHeartArt, a solution created by the Center for Pediatric Innovation at Children’s Mercy Kansas City to help children living with congenital heart disease by improving care team communication and family understanding through personalized heart diagrams for the most complex heart conditions. “While MyHeartArt has been improving communication among clinical teams, patients, and families at our hospital for nearly two years, it was PedsMrkt that connected it to heart centers across the country,” said Krista Nelson, Director of Innovation at Children’s Mercy Kansas City. “This success story highlights the untapped potential for expanding the impact of pediatric solutions. We believe there are countless more solutions waiting to be discovered.”

Leanne West, President of International Children’s Advisory Network (iCAN) and Chief Engineer of Pediatric Technology at Georgia Tech agrees, "PedsMrkt is a great resource for startup engagement in pediatric innovation. One of the biggest problems pediatric startups face is not being able to get in front of hospitals that could be interested in their product. Conversely, many hospitals have no idea what products are out there since innovations happen almost daily. Bringing everyone together through PedsMrkt to help them find each other is brilliant.”

Early MrktPlace Members include pediatric hospitals, mental health startups, pediatric device startups, digital health and remote patient monitoring companies, and pediatric associations.

John Parker, Principal and Founder of Springhood Ventures, adds, "While pediatrics boasts numerous technologies capable of improving children's health outcomes, the challenge lies in efficiently delivering these solutions to patients at a pace and scale that aligns with market economics. PedsMrkt offers a unique opportunity to catalyze the last mile of innovation by providing a collaborative network of children's hospitals enhanced visibility into emerging pediatric technologies.”

The announcement of PedsMrkt earned Children’s Mercy Kansas City the Game Changer Award at the International Society of Pediatric Innovation (iSPi)’s conference Peds2040 in July 2023.  This national launch extends an invitation to the entire pediatric ecosystem to join this exciting movement to together advance pediatric innovation.

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About PedsMrkt: PedsMrkt is a practical online platform dedicated to together advancing pediatric innovation. We unite pediatric healthcare systems, healthcare providers, start-ups, innovative companies, and investors in the pediatric healthcare ecosystem to collaborate and share solutions that improve children's health. Visit us at to learn more.

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