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Tablet Ultimate

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Access the complete MapHabit program with our most comprehensive bundle. You’ll receive a MapHabit tablet, motor skills and cognitive engagement kit for TBI, IDD, or neurodiversity, 12-month app subscription, and personalized training to help get you started.

The Tablet Ultimate bundle contains:

An iPad provisioned with the MapHabit app, protective case, and optional LTE connectivity.

One sensory Engage Spark activity kit, with supplies as follows: Geoboard, Multi-colored popsicle sticks, Ping pong balls, Pipe cleaners, Different colored dice, Plastic Clothespins, Golf tees, Thin Rubber bands, Toothpicks, Soft Red Theraputty, Plastic tweezers, Tennis ball with slit, Bandana, Multi-colored pen, Dry erase folder, Dry erase marker, MapHabit Stress Ball, MapHabit Fidget toy, deck of cards, Colored pencils, Washable colored markers, Construction paper, Squirt bottle, Coffee filters, Paper dixie cups, Pony beads, 1" pom poms, Tacklebox

A one-year subscription to the MapHabit app

Direct access to a MapHabit coach for the entirety of your subscription, details to follow post-purchase


  • Customizable, step-by-step maps
  • Scheduling functionality
  • Connections tab for your circle of support
  • On-the-go mobile app
  • Activity kit to stimulate motor skill development, balance, and coordination
  • Personalized maps for IDD
  • Personalized maps for TBI
  • Personalized maps for neurodiversity
  • Audio-visual and video support
  • Secure chat

*Please note this product is non-refundable.

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