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About Us

Hope for Henry is reinventing how hospitals care for children and their families through innovative, scientifically tested programs that help hospitalized kids confront the challenges of serious illness, adhere to their medical plans, and thrive.

Founded in 2003 and led by social innovator, patient advocate, and author, Laurie Strongin, Hope for Henry
has served more than 100,000 of the sickest children in hospitals around the country.

Hope for Henry is now in over 40 hospitals nationwide.

Our Innovation Story

Super Rewards for Super Kids proves that improvements in adherence to medical protocols is associated with enhanced clinical outcomes for patients, enriched patient experience, and reduced costs to healthcare systems. Super Rewards for Super Kids has generated remarkable positive outcomes for pediatric patients. Hospital staff has observed significant improvements in anxiety, coping skills, adherence to treatment plans, and overall healthcare experiences. Additionally, there has been a marked reduction in sedation reliance for MRI procedures. 

Analysis of data from more than 3,500 program beneficiaries reveals the following impacts:

  • 72% decrease in sedation use
  • 90% boost in patient adherence
  • 85% decline in anxiety
  • 88% enhancement in coping skills
  • 98% elevation in overall patient experience

Innovation & Research Highlights

Learn How to Help Your Child Get a Vaccination

To help prepare patients and families, Hope for Henry has developed age-appropriate information and tools to improve everyone’s overall vaccination experience.

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Vaccinations Made Easy

You know better than anyone that vaccinations can be stressful for children and families. That’s why Hope for Henry, a leader in pediatric patient experience programming, created a one-stop shop to prepare kids, parents, and healthcare providers for a successful vaccination experience.

Featuring an online tool with child-friendly graphics and simple explanations of each step of the vaccination process, a gameboard and stickers to mark patient progress, and a certificate of accomplishment, the program has already made vaccinations easy for tens of thousands of children nationwide. 

As families across the country prepare for the new school year, you, too, can make
vaccinations easy for your patients.

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How Can Super Rewards be Implemented in My Vaccination Site?

It’s super easy! Watch this 90 second video to see how easily this program fits into your workflow.

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