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About Us

Blue Spark Technologies is a leader in developing thin, flexible, wearable remote patient monitoring solutions. Blue Spark Technologies’ latest innovation, TempTraq®, is the only Bluetooth®, wearable temperature monitor in the form of a soft, comfortable patch that continuously, safely, and comfortably, monitors body temperature for up to 72 hours and sends alerts to Apple® or Android™ compatible mobile devices.

The company’s TempTraq Connect HIPAA-compliant service supported by the Google Healthcare Cloud Platform allows health care professionals to monitor body temperature from anywhere. It also allows direct integration with health care provider electronic health records (EHR) systems and central nursing stations, providing a secure method of storing patient health care data.

Our Innovation Story

The TempTraq continuous, patient, body temperature monitoring platform includes a Bluetooth-enabled patch that monitors patients’ temperature continuously and alerts to temperature rise events in real-time. The comfortable, disposable patch is an FDA and CE Cleared Class II medical device that goes beyond the current standard of care, providing clinicians a quicker, easier, and more effective way to continuously measure temperature in inpatient and outpatient settings.

TempTraq has been clinically proven in numerous studies to detect fevers far earlier than the standard of care in both in-patient and outpatient settings.  A recent study at the
University of Michigan Medical center showed TempTraq was able to detect fevers
over 18 hours earlier than the standard of care in patients with confirmed blood infections. Primary use cases for the TempTraq platform include the detection of fevers in oncology patients undergoing high dose chemotherapy, bone marrow transplant and CAR-T immunotherapies, as well as monitoring of post-surgical patients for fevers related to infections and Sepsis.

Innovation & Research Highlights

Cleveland Clinic - Assessment of Accuracy, Precision, Equivalence, and Agreement of TempTraq® compared to Pulmonary Artery Catheter for Monitoring Temperature in Adults in ICU

“The Bland-Altman test for agreement indicates TempTraq® is in agreement with Pulmonary Artery Catheter and there is an overall bias of .3 between the two measurement systems.”

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Eulji University - Axillary temperature measurements based on smart wearable thermometers in South Korean children: Comparison with tympanic temperature measurements

In pediatric patients, continuous temperature monitoring can simplify patient care while offering reliable fever detection. This study compared temperature measurements taken with TempTraq to traditional tympanic measurements in 41 pediatric patients. TempTraq measurements were highly correlated to tympanic measurements, and fever detection was consistently sensitive and specific. Additionally, caregivers reported high satisfaction with using TempTraq, underscoring the ease and convenience of continuous temperature monitoring.

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Case Study: High-frequency temperature monitoring at home using a wearable device: A case series of early fever detection and antibiotic administration for febrile neutropenia with bacteremia

We present a case series of three febrile episodes in neutropenic pediatric cancer patients who wore a Food and Drug Administration approved high-frequency temperature monitoring (HFTM) wearable device (WD) at home. The WD detected fever events when temperature monitoring by thermometer did not detect fever or was not feasible to perform.

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