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PedsMrkt is a new B2B platform & collaborative marketplace connecting buyers, sellers, and partners in scaling and accelerating pediatric innovation.

CTIP's membership in PedsMrkt brings new advantages for CTIP members, including:

  • Build awareness of your IP with potential licensors (Free as CTIP member)
  • Feature your innovative solution on a dedicated product page in the CTIP MrktPlace ($75/mo, billed quarterly)
  • Connect with pediatric professionals in the PedsMrkt Community (Free as CTIP member)
  • Share your pediatric innovation story on our blog, newsletter, or on LinkedIn (Free as CTIP member)
PedsMrkt helps overcome common go-to-market barriers:

PedsMrkt helps overcome common go-to-market barriers:

  • Writing email after email to find the right person to talk to at a hospital only to have your emails go unanswered
  • Attending expensive conferences that only give you exposure for a few days
  • Wanting feedback on your product/solution from the providers but not sure who to contact

Growing your business in the pediatric market is hard, and the frustrating part is that you know your product/solution can help kids. PedsMrkt provides a year-round curated marketplace where hospitals and providers can find pediatric-specific solutions that can help their kids.

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