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About Us

When life gives you more than you can handle, asking for help can be overwhelming. The My PowerPak app helps mobilize friends and loved ones, so you get support when and how you need it. An all-in-one caregiving tool, My PowerPak offers more features and privacy than any other support ecosystem.

Share your story and receive meaningful support by answering, “how can I help?”. The app was born from the love, care, and support provided by a group of 10 amazing women who united to make a friend's breast cancer battle a team effort, and found joy in the power of community joining forces to support a loved one.

Our Innovation Story

We have witnessed firsthand the transformative power of community—how uniting the friends, family and loved ones that support someone can fill them with strength. While helping people is a universal desire, it becomes amplified when given a digital platform, generating shared energy and a feeling of mutual support. This drives us toward our ultimate objective: empowering individuals to leverage technology to tap into the potential of their community.

Accessible on desktop and mobile, My PowerPak is a comprehensive support solution offering more features and privacy settings than any other single ecosystem dedicated to caring for someone in need. Each user-created support page within our app includes a Journal for keeping supporters informed, direct Messaging for timely communication among members, and a shared Calendar for coordinating volunteers, tasks and events. The app even has a built-in Marketplace featuring personalized wish lists and a 'magic' checkout that automatically gets your gift to the right location as well as Fundraising for donations.

When someone’s life becomes overwhelming due to a health crisis, it can be difficult to ask for help. For many, there is inherent goodness waiting for them among their family, friends, and co-workers. My PowerPak is committed to building community, fostering love and normalizing asking for help.

Innovation & Research Highlights

Reimagining the Caregiving Experience

My PowerPak provides a one-stop, holistic tool kit with more of the resources necessary to grow, engage and coordinate with your care community in one simple and secure place.

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Support Made Simple

Less complexity = more support. The last thing anyone needs when life becomes unsettled is more complexity.  

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Extraordinary Support on the Go

With both web and mobile app solutions, My PowerPak makes it easy to engage with your support community at home or on the go.

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