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About Us

Your baby's NICU journey can be overwhelming. That's why we created the Neo-Diary—a digital journal where you, your loved ones, and the care team can share priceless memories and support. The Neo-Diary is a proven intervention to ease restlessness, anxiety, and sleepless nights for new parents separated from their babies.


Our Innovation Story

The idea for the digital diary was born in the Maxima Medical Center in 2022 where We All Journal was already deploying their Post-ICU diary in the adult ICU.

The Neonatal Care Unit contacted We All Journal to collaborate on a proof of concept for their NICU. A unique collaboration between medical experts, family advocates, neonates, and user experience designers. The digital diary’s gamified elements foster a level of user engagement that surpasses traditional paper diaries and care for parents, families, and nurses as they experience a difficult period in the NICU.

Innovation & Research Highlights

Empowering Parents

Research has shown that involving parents in their child's care through FCC approaches can significantly reduce stress and feelings of helplessness. [Balbino, F. S., Balieiro, M. M. F. G., & Mandetta, M. A. (2016).] Read the research here.

Digital diaries provide a platform for parents to actively participate in their child's care journey, document their observations and questions, and collaborate more effectively with the care team. This empowerment contributes to a more positive and engaged experience for parents during a challenging time.

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May Reduce Postpartum Depression

The mother of a NICU baby is a parent but also a patient. Frequently, the parental role takes over and mothers put aside the fact that they’ve just gone through giving birth and also need to take care of their physical and mental health. Postpartum depression is more common among mothers of infants admitted to the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) compared to the general population. Studies have found the incidence of PPD of up to 40% in this group. [Shovers, S. M., Bachman, S.S., Popek, L., & Turchi, R. M (2021).] Read the research here.

Having an outlet to express emotions and process this traumatic situation might help mothers take care of their psychological health while their baby is in the NICU. More research is required to confirm that diaries have this impact.

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Improved Infant Well-Being

Studies have demonstrated the positive impact of FCC on infant outcomes. [Gómez-Cantarino, S., García-Valdivieso, I., Moncunill-Martínez, E., Yáñez-Araque, B., & Ugarte Gurrutxaga, M. I. (2020).] Read the research here.

By reducing separation anxiety, digital diaries can contribute to the overall well-being of NICU/PICU families and that has an impact on the patients as well. Parents can use the diary to express love and encouragement for their child, fostering a sense of connection despite physical separation.

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