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IP License- Dermatophytosis Prophylaxis and Treatment

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Children’s Mercy Kansas City has developed a composition and method for the prophylaxis and treatment of topical fungal infections of the hair and skin. Tinea capitis, a fungal infection of the scalp, has become widely integrated into metropolitan communities. Symptoms generally present as single or multiple patches of hair loss accompanied by inflammation, scaling, pustules and itching. Current oral treatments have challenges such as compliance issues, liver toxicity and/or interactions with other drugs. Importantly long-term follow-up of the children in our studies demonstrate that efficacy rates for existing oral anti-fungals is unacceptably low. This innovation, a stain composition, is applicable for products for topical application for prevention and treatment of tinea capitis as well as products to be applied to fomites such as bed sheets, hairbrushes or things that carry the fungus and provide a means of re-infection. If interested in licensing and/or research collaborations, contact Children’s Mercy Kansas City to have discussions. US Patent issued.

Classifications A61K31/22 Esters, e.g., nitroglycerine, selenocyanates of carboxylic acids of acyclic acids, e.g., pravastatin

FIELD OF INVENTION [0002] The present disclosure is related to an HMG-CoA reductase (also referred to as a ‘statin’) composition for the prophylaxis and treatment of fungal infections of the hair and/or skin. More specifically, the present disclosure is related to a statin composition for the prophylaxis and treatment of fungal infections of the hair and/or scalp. A statin composition is provided for reducing the severity of a fungal infection, reducing the number of fungal cells, minimizing or eliminating spore shedding, decreasing the spread of fungal infections in a population, decreasing acquisition of fungal infections, decreasing susceptibility to fungal infections, decreasing the infection potential including preventing the spread of fungal infections to other children as well as further spreading on the same child, and preventing fungal infections or re-infections. The present disclosure also provides methods related to the treatment and prevention of fungal infections, specifically related to tinea capitis caused by T. tonsurans.

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