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TempTraq®: Monitor patients' core body temperature from anywhere

TempTraq®: Monitor patients' core body temperature from anywhere

TempTraq is an FDA Cleared Class II medical device that gives Healthcare providers the first wireless continuous temperature monitor in the form of a soft, comfortable, disposable patch. TempTraq can significantly improve the way temperature is measured in the clinical environment and provide clinicians a quicker, easier, and more effective way to measure temperature.

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Think big, act smart, launch fast: Let GCMI fuel your med-tech journey.

Driving medical innovation in the southeast, GCMI acts as a springboard for promising medical devices. Our mission centers around propelling the development, commercialization, and ultimately, the successful market launch of these innovations, aiming to improve patient outcomes and healthcare delivery.

Our services span the entire innovation journey, offering a dedicated 12,000 square foot design and prototyping center. Whether you're an entrepreneur with a budding idea or a seasoned team refining a new product, GCMI provides expertise and resources across various stages, including:

  • Lifecycle Advisory: Accelerating key milestones and regulatory approvals through strategic guidance and navigation of the commercialization pathway.

  • Design and Development: Facilitating product development from initial ideation to manufacturing, ensuring a smooth and efficient transition.

  • Market Access and Partnerships: Connecting innovators with industry leaders, distributors, and investors to ensure successful market entry and impact.

By leveraging our in-house resources, local partnerships, and global networks, GCMI plays a crucial role in accelerating the journey of innovative medical solutions from concept to patient, positively impacting both lives and the healthcare landscape.

The Mission Model Canvas 

The Mission Model Canvas 

The Mission Model Canvas is a version of the Business Model Canvas that is adapted for non-profits. The mission driven canvas focuses on aspects of product development specific to mission-driven organizations, such as beneficiaries, impact factors, and mission budget.

A link to the webinar, with author David Bland walking through an example is posted on the PedsMrkt Community in the Innovation & Research Resources space.

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